Life is too short for boring stories

What good is it to save a child from the misery, to get away from the street, from the sewers, from a milieu full of violence, drugs and poverty?
What good is it to give a dog a home when millions of others continue to move, cage, explode, encroached for fighting, skinned and abused?
What good is it to help, whether the immense number of those who cannot be helped?

If you go through the streets of Bucharest, even today, especially around the North-Train station, you can see them. Miserable, filthy creatures covered with scabies, littered with fleas and lice. Like rats, they live in sewers or in demolition houses or in abandoned wagons. Many of them have a bag in their hands, filled with varnish, where they sniff and their vapors damage the nervous system. But it helps a little to forget the misery and the pain, the hunger and the poverty. Exposed by their own parents, thrown away as rags, disposed and humiliated. Others have run away from the effects of the alcohol on their parents who were themselves too desperate to look after their children. They were torn out of homes that were as little able to offer them any protection from violence or abuse as their own parents. And some of them are only five years old. Five years, and yet without any perspective, no chance. Without the possibility to visit a school, let alone complete it. Without the slightest hope to get a job later or lead a regular life. And it is not just in Bucharest. Everywhere in the world there are children who do not want to have one. Children no one misses when they are no longer there. 100,000,000 of such children are to be given world-wide estimates, and as one descends to them, down into the sewers, to see how they live. And if you take a few, give them a home and warmth and security, you save as many as your own possibilities allow, but much more you have to leave behind. You have to see that these others have no way out. What is it, ten or hundred, against all the others who cannot be helped?
What is the use of it?

And if it is a single child, a little girl or a little boy, a single child is about 100,000,000, then it is a saved life.
And when you see this child laughing and playing, like all other children who do not have to worry about whether they have a shelter for the night or something to eat, then it is a saved life.
And if you see this one child again full of hope, full of plans for the future that did not have it before, then it is a saved life.

It is of benefit to this one child, who is now a child again and once again gets a chance and possibilities to shape its life.
It is of use to this one child, even if it does not benefit everyone else, then this one child.
And if this one child looks at you, when you see it smiling and hugs you, then you know it is only one among many others, but one more than it was before.
That’s what it’s good for.


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