Life is too short for boring stories

“So many things are in disorder,” I say to you. First of all you leave it in the room, do not answer, do not react until I repeat the sentence until I repeat it again. Then finally, you know, it makes no sense to ignore me longer, because I do not let loose until you listen to me. Others, yes, some say twice, but when they are ignored, they turn around and go to find another victim, but I do not. I do not go, I do not give up, I remain, lasting and persevering. You know it by now, and yet you try to at least still tired to me to understand in your view that you want to rest now in front of the TV and do not want to hear from the damn problems of the world. After all, you have enough problems of your own, but I do not let it apply. At some point it will concern you, but no, it affects you again and again, but if it comes to it, then you complain a bit about it, and it is done again. At least for you. For me this is not true.

“There is so much that needs to be reformed,” I continue, while your gaze now rests upon me, and as you try to scare away your displeasure, you let my words run through your mind. There is nothing left to hang. Maybe I just said it too often. Perhaps you have given me too often the same answer. You’re ready. You do not have to think about it. It makes no sense. You say.

“You cannot change it,” you finally realize, shrugging, “So why worry about it. It does not make any sense.” So far, the conversation had ended at the latest, but I decided not to let it come to an end. Today you will not just get away.

“I cannot change it,” I admit, leaving a break, a theatrical. Cautiously, your gaze moves back towards the TV, and then my next sentence comes, just as you have the screen in view, “You cannot change it,” I say only, and again you look at me, not assigning the sentence, “But you and I, and all the others, who also say they cannot change anything, but you have another thing that says there is so much in the bad thing that can change what’s going on together. Of course, those who prefer to moan and sit with their misery in front of the television, because they are ultimately interested in nothing but their own comfort, who are supposed to sit and burglar, not interested, neither their own future nor that of your children nor from somebody else, because now it is warm and cozy – and everything else we blind out. But I say, Nevertheless, Nevertheless it is not easy, Nevertheless it requires commitment, Nevertheless if it does not come to-day, I will not simply take it without a deed or a word, and I will turn to those who are the part of the Yous who are of my opinion, and we will see to it that soon there will be no more so much hardship that reforms are not only promised, but also that something will change. “

“What do you want to do? Do you mean that someone is listening to you? “, You ask irritated.
“Maybe not. Perhaps. But one thing is certain, if I say nothing, no one will hear me. Only when I say what is the possibility to be heard. That’s why I’m going to say something, but you can sit quietly,” I say as I get up and dress.
“You go? But why? You’re fine with me?” You ask, because you do not understand.

“Nevertheless, it is not enough that I am doing well, for me too little and for my life,” I reply and leave you.


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