Life is too short for boring stories

Maria of Martialis, a tall, blond woman, who, in her attitude, her manner, and every movement, conveyed the flair of her past noble lineage, which could not be shaken off, and so insane and insignificant as her family might be.

She did not like this uncertainty because she was used to planning everything perfectly. She had also held strictly to this habit. The ultimate goal was to get out of the misery, out of poverty and degeneracy. Power, status, prestige and wealth were their primary goals. Never again live in a cramped, filthy dwelling with people who have adhered to the past like the burdock at the tail of a dog. This eternal self-compassion of poverty, which was probably self-inflicted, and yet was fully charged to the other. She saw her mother, fat and puffy, sitting in the midst of the muck on a armchair, waiting for a miracle to happen. After all, she was a „of“. From childish legs to habitual spirits around her, which would deprive her every wish from the eyes, she did not even later move a finger. Even when everything went down the stream and the family became increasingly impoverished. Perhaps she really could not help but Maria did not approve of it at all, for she was imbued with the idea that everyone could be rich, but she did not get enough. With disgust and repugnance, she thought of what Maria was only anger.

She had passed her schooling with bravura, although she always worked alongside. With the money she deserved, she earned herself statute symbols. It was an investment in the future. To her future, for no matter how much she could, she was measured by her appearance. So it was in this world. Then she began studying economics, and already at the end of her Bachelors showed the fruits of her work. Everything seemed to rise as she hoped. On her bed lay the official invitation of one of the world’s largest and most influential investment banks to an internship, which she had already started on the first of January.

„You’re my best student,“ her professor had said, when he handed her the letter. „I have been personally suggesting you for it because you deserve it. Do not disappoint me. But most of all, you know that such a chance never comes back. This can mean your breakthrough. “

He was right with that. But there was another letter, which could not be more different. If the former was clearly and directly printed by machine, and printed on company paper, the second one had been written by hand. The squalid, insecure manuscript did not want to find the straight line, but climbed up and down like mountain and valley, became smaller, sometimes bigger. It was very hard to find Maria, and she could hardly decipher it. With great effort, which she had never spared, she succeeded in at least filtering out the meaning of writing. It was an invitation to the court of her great-grandfather, whom she had not seen for many years. As far as she remembered at all, she was considered a crazy old woman, difficult to distinguish between what was told in the family, and what was an original reminder of her. In any case, she was the sister of her grandmother, who was regarded as the black sheep of the family, since she had renounced all her rights and dignities, and even married a poor peasant, when she was a young girl. On the same day, she was taken out of the castle of the family, which she then called her own, and moved into the peasant hut. Never again should she put a foot into the lock.

Why should Mary visit her? The only reason she had not thrown the letter away was nothing more than a rumor saying her grandaunt was very rich. When she left the rich parents‘ home, she took her inheritance with her, which she must never have touched. The marriage had been happy but childless.

„I do,“ Maria said to herself in the silence of her apartment, „A few days, I can probably invest, because the return can be considerable.“

A few minutes later Maria threw her suitcase on the back seat of her Mercedes and roared away. And it was the 30th of November. So enough time to get the big one to leave everything to her, then on January 1st, her internship, provided with a pretty, financial pledge.

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