Life is too short for boring stories

was one of those days filled with busyness. That was not really unusual. Actually, all my days are sort of like that. But on this one, special day, I felt very much inspired. At first, I just took it, but somewhere in the hindquarters was the question, why was it and why today? The answer was as simple as ocular. It was you. You were in my life, you gave me your support, your empathy, your support and your understanding, even there, where I did not understand myself. But always when I needed it. But that was not all, not everything, because good friends do that too. It was this feeling of closeness, of understanding and trust that I had not experienced for a long time. How could you call that? Then, finally, it struck me like scales from the eyes, or – strictly speaking – it was just there. “I love you,” it shot through my head. Then I whispered the words, listened to them, and it was consistent. That’s what I would say to you, if you were to come today.

Your car drove up. No doubt it was yours. Elated, I ran to the door to ambush you with a heartfelt hug the moment you opened it. You let me grant. Then I broke up, pushed away at arm’s length, took a deep breath, as if to make a start, to jump over a hurdle, started to pause again.
“What’s going on?” I asked. Although there were three words, but not really the ones I wanted to say, but your look was so tired and you seemed so distracted that it would be even later.
“I’m so done,” you replied shortly, “You know, I’ve applied for a job. And actually he had already been given someone else. But he refused, almost at the last moment, and so they came to me today, if I could take it. And I can. I told you what that means. However, I should be ready tomorrow. “
“And where is the problem?” I replied, knowing exactly how much you appreciated such challenges.
“Well, actually we would have wanted to make a cuddle evening,” you replied loyally.
“As if that was not going to happen tomorrow, or another time,” I broke in on your objection.
“Does not that matter to you?”, You asked perplexed.
“Why should I mind?”, It was now to be irritated to me, “So life is playing. I would suggest that you eat something first and then you do what you have to do. I suppose you have not eaten today and I have cooked. “
Later I would tell you.

If you were starving, you fell for the food and then retired with your work. Relaxed, I lay down on the couch to read. At some point I brought you a coffee and Manner-wafers. Nerves-food for the hardest working. A short smile crossed over your face, before you in turn deepened in your project. I quietly withdrew to my book. Later I would tell you.

In the meantime, it almost seemed like a mission that I had to fulfill, and I just wanted to say three little words to you. It had to be, absolutely. You should know it. That’s why I could not fall asleep under any circumstances. Even though it was harder for me to stay awake minute by minute.

When I awoke, it was probably because you were next to me and looking at me. Gentle was your look, and also full of care.
“I wanted to tell you something important,” I finally said, “I love you.”
“As if I did not already know that,” you said smiling as your hand stroked my cheek, “in everything you do, you speak it to me. And is not that much better? “


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