Life is too short for boring stories

There is something we call “human discretion.” “This is not going to happen in human discretion,” we say. This includes two things. First, we start from our human, anthropocentric angle of view. Of course, we always do that because we have no other, but here it is named and admitted. Secondly, it is shown that this perception and this type of assessment is obviously limited. If it could not happen and it happens nevertheless, so there are no parallels and was not foreseeable.

We wonder about it, add it to our experiences and keep going. Again, we have a human discretion, which is applicable to other cases, until we are again instructed, and so on. So it is legitimate to assume, according to human discretion, that we still live seven decades when we blow ten birthday candles on the cake. If we still hold it, if there are three times ten candles, then this is probably with a head shaking quit. This is, according to human discretion, rather absurd.

We are well served by a scientific discipline called “statistics,” dedicated to the task of cataloging, ticketing, and classifying all that is vague and without any foundation of evidence, in order to construct from it the pretty tables, which clearly show the breadth of human discretion, because it will be true in a number of cases. Outliers fall through the grate and into the category “unexpected”.

But this classification does not stop with things and events, but has also taken possession of man himself. Age pyramids tell us how long we have to live on average, specifying only by gender or social position or bad as well as good habits. The highest life expectancy would therefore have a rich married woman living with a child in a country of the first world. In the area of ​​human discretion, it is the 85th year of life without major problems. If one is conceived by chance as a girl in India, it is quite reasonable, according to human opinion, to assume that one cannot even leave the uterus alive.

In this way, people are forced into statistics, facts are gathered together, which then somewhere broke and sluggishly move around, and the tendency to become self-sufficient is too fast to see what is seen as an average value as unalterable. It assumes the extent of a natural law. You cannot help it. It cannot be changed in the human mind.

That female fetuses are aborted cannot be changed. The fact that girls around the world are mutilated, cannot be changed. The fact that rich people in the First World have access to first-class education, health care and all the other facilities that are denied others is the same. We almost always tend to say that this has always been the case and will always be so. Man does not change. So it would be my job to strive to be rich, beautiful and popular while I climb up the career ladder. In human discretion these are the goals I should have.

It is that I let myself be distracted by nothingness from the really important things of life, the things that count because they are able to make happy. Like your hand in mine. Like your smile. Like your kiss. This is no longer the issue of statistics. And not even of human discretion. But that is something for the awakening of humanity and vitality. And when it falls through the grate of human discretion, take care that it does not land in the fire, but you catch it and carry it in you. And if you do, it is very likely that you will be happy.



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