Life is too short for boring stories

It happens, with all inevitability, which have such occurrences. And it happens again and again, even if I would have to know better. But it is also not easy to recognize. Again and again it dresses itself in another garment. If it were not so sad, I might consider it interesting. But it is sad, painful. Therefore the analysis is not so simple. I’d like to push it far away, as if it had never happened. Left, betrayed, rejected, injured or simply forgotten. Who likes to think about the fact that one still just meant to have a friend, a special person who enriches the life. And suddenly everything is different. Never again, I could then say, never again let myself on such a thing. Perhaps I am doing it, in the first moment or in the second. But then I get up and remember. For each end already carries the germ of a new beginning, each farewell a welcome. I would dig into the end, into the farewell, I would choke the possibility of the beginning, the welcome. So I get up and go out.

Because it fits, I meet you. You smile at me, take me by the hand, while your other moves the veil and points out into the world.
„There are people out there who enrich your life, but you must allow it and go out,“ you tell me.
„Do you want to stay with me and bring me to them?“ I ask you.
„What do you mean, why I take your hand?“, You give back smiling, while I let myself be led by you and entrusted to me.
You are the one who opens up the world and people to me, the moment when everything seemed to me to be closed. Because I needed you, you were there, and because I need you, you are there.

Because it fits, I meet you. You are opposed to me, skeptical, a little, but also confident. This is only to be seen at a second glance.
„There is so much in you that you do not use. You have a potential in you from which you do not create what you leave lying, „you notice.
„Will you accompany me and help me?“ I ask you.
„What do you mean, why I am here?“, You ask both earnestly and benevolently, while I become aware of my possibilities and start to trust them.
You are the one who opens up to me and my possibilities, the moment I found myself locked up. Because I was so far to unfold, you were there, and because I unfold, you are there.

Because it fits, I meet you. You stand beside me, energetic and daring, but also mindful, as you yourself before.
„You carry unimagined forces in you, of which you do not make use. Dreams, hopes, and visions that are waiting to be realized, „you tell me.
„Do you want to stay by my side and fight with me?“ I ask you.
„What do you mean, why I am here?“ You ask energetically, but also mindfully, while I notice that my strengths, but also my confidence unfold and I trust in a co-existence.
You are the one who shows me my strengths and unites them with you, the moment I already wanted to give up. Because I was so far back to believe that changes are possible, you were there, and because I believe you are there.

At some point I will meet you and dance with you barefoot in the rain through the meadow, free and open and full of tenderness. And it will be when it fits.

2 Gedanken zu “Barefoot in the rain

  1. robertomuffoletto sagt:

    It is as it is and can not be any different.


    1. novels4utoo sagt:

      It is always different as it is


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