Life is too short for boring stories

„Being ready is everything,“ went on over and over again through his mind. The sentence was struck. The more he tried to get it away, the deeper he drove the nail that held it.

„Being ready is everything,“ as if he were not. Always at the jump, always the overall situation in view. And then something happened. And from the mouth of someone who had to leave the traces he had left behind. He would never fit in. Still, he spat such tones. That would have gone. He should talk. But there were actually people who were impressed by it. He no longer understood the world. But it was probably only due to the fatigue which bored him on the shoulders.

„Just a beer,“ he thought, „and then home and to bed.“ With this plan he had gone to the bar, the first thing he found on his way. He had gone into the bar, ordered the beer, and drank the first sip eagerly. It spread well in his body.
„Just a beer, or maybe a second one,“ he began to clarify the idea that had led him here. Home and to bed he could still. There was no hurry. Tomorrow, as he already knew, would be one of those undefined days, which had no fixed structure in the form of appointments. He enjoyed the beer and came back slowly. Curiously he let the view wander through the restaurant. A couple who was sitting in the corner. It would not be long before they left the bar, not long until she was convinced, he noted with expertise. He passed the four chattering housewives as fast as the men’s party, who did nothing but surpass each other. At last he studied the piano player, who maltreated the keys with little enthusiasm. He could not care with lust or pain. He would only have appreciated it if the paid musician found at least the right keys. Except for him, however, there seemed to be no one to disturb.

The bar was full of what it had promised from the outside, namely, nothing. Inconspicuous and unconcerned. In short, he noted that the door opened and closed again, followed by rapid steps. He stared at his beer. No, life gave no surprises, especially if you had experienced as much as he did. Perhaps he should be content with it.

Suddenly it seemed as if a glance would bored his back. As if that were the case. Still, he turned around. She looked at him intently, with all his openness, as if she had forgotten that she did. What a body, he realized immediately, everything where it belonged, and how he liked it. Obviously, he had been wrong, life still provided surprises. He had to smile involuntarily. And he found the smile reciprocated.

„Being ready is everything,“ repeated again, but this time the sentence had a demanding character. He was only too glad to follow this call, the sentence and her gaze. Without a word, he walked over to her and offered her his hand, which she seized without even a moment. Suddenly everything did not matter to him, as he felt her body snugly against his, and what he felt confirmed his first impression, but he had never been wrong. And at that moment he knew that was just the beginning of a wonderful night. He did not hurry.


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