Life is too short for boring stories

Lea sits on the couch and leafs listlessly in a magazine. Normally, she is an avid reader of this magazine, but her thoughts simply do not want to stay with her. Again and again they wander to the handsome guy, who is still bent over his laptop around … Yes, what does he actually do there? He told her, there is no doubt about this, but she did not listen to him. No, this is not quite true, she has already listened to him, but her brain seems to be in the exceptional state, so that it only understands what is relevant at the moment. And that’s since she met him the first time.

“Martin,” she says to the one who is meant to be with him, and who now seems to dominate her whole mind, “Do not you think it is a sign of fate that we are in that coffee house that day encountered?”
“How true,” the respondent replies approving as he leans back in his chair and looks at Lea, “The moment, the cafe, the right hormone level, and the appropriate pattern. This is really remarkable. “
“So it was definitely the charisma. It is the personality and the aura that makes it, “Lea says, ignoring the last two points of his list, which is not really difficult, as selective as her perception is.
“A long time ago, a scheme was made for us after choosing our partners. If somebody fits in, and you are in the right section of your cycle, our largest sexual organ begins to work on high-speed trips and the hormones begin to rush, “confirms Martin thoughtfully.
“I am talking about heart affairs and you of sexual organs. They did not matter at the time,” Lea says, shaking her head.
“I also mean our brain,” Martin explains as if it were the most self-evident in the world. Lea had not yet come to the idea. She always thought the brain thinks.
“But did not you feel it, the butterflies in your stomach, and this energy boost, the feeling that the world is new, more colorful, brighter, warmer, oh at all beautiful and that you love life especially? Are not you touched by this all-encompassing feeling of connectedness, which inspires you when you meet the right one? “, Lea makes another attempt.
“Yes, I have also experienced it, and still experience it, the increased dopamine output. It has something for itself, a completely natural stimulant. It makes us euphoric, but leads us to the tunnel view, so that everything revolves around you, with me and with you around me. In addition, the serotonin level drops, so much so that we should actually be called sick. But after it does not last long, we can handle it, “says Martin,” Is not that fascinating? Three seconds are enough to put our body in an exceptional state to make us more powerful than we have ever been, even though we are actually sick. “
“Just as you say that, all this sounds as if the great love that poets have written for millennia, the impulse to create great works of art, images, sculptures, nothing but a chain of biological processes that simply happen, without our being able to do anything or to fight against it,” says Lea, now finally somewhat irritated, despite increased dopamine and lowered serotonin levels.
“That’s exactly how it is. Is not that great, how sovereign and clean our body works, how elegant the processes are, and above all, easily explained,” says Martin, radiant with joy.
“Again, you reduce the miracle of our love for hormones and messengers and neurons, and so a mess. Is it still profane?”, asks Lea, who wants to give him a last chance to revise his statement and make the damage done.
“Yes, that’s exactly what mean. I knew you were a clever girl,” Martin replies enthusiastically, apparently unsuccessfully, that he had just passed the hand for reconciliation, “but reduce would not have been the word of my choice …”
“It’s enough for me, finally!” rants Lea, from Martin’s point of view, completely incomprehensible. “I cannot understand that you could ever please me.”

Lea leaps up and leaves the apartment. Martin wants to add that the reason why he and she found themselves, was still completely unexplored, so at least a mystery, a beautiful secret, but he does not get the opportunity. It always happens to him. He does not know what he does wrong.


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