Life is too short for boring stories

So it was not that the King banished all the spinning wheels from his house, but all that there was to read, and that was very little anyway. Nevertheless, on her 15th birthday, the young princess fell a small book into her hand, from the pen of the thirteen wise woman, in which she laid down the principles of a just society. From that day on, the princess was replaced. She whispered to good looks and balls and other amusements, but she was instructed by the thirteen wise woman, in all the arts, which she herself was powerful, to the discovery of her femininity. It was no wonder the princess found herself in the bath now and then, together with a strong, potent farmer, who also looked after her really well. It was not, however, the Queen’s. But not only was her femininity open, but also her mouth. She preached equality, happiness for all, and healthy, grief-free diet.

The king grew sadder and more desperate. Not only because his daughter prescribed a strict diet, he did not know the consequences of this insubordination. When the king, with desperation, which was probably connected with a balanced diet, could no longer know one more, he consulted the twelve wise women, who promptly gave him advice. The girl had to be married immediately. Then at last there would be peace, for as a married woman, best with 12 children at the skirt, she would forget all these pubertal ideas. A great idea, the king found, and immediately went to the search, but there was no one who wanted to have this girl, as upbeat as she was. Who wanted to get a woman into the house, who thought independently. So the thirteen wise woman had a hedge around the castle, a rose-hedge, and put all the inhabitants into a hundred years of sleep, for it would take so long before there would be a man in the world who understood the princess not only side by side with her, but she could at least get as well to her as any of the peasant boys who had gone there.

And truly, when the hundred years were over, a young fellow wandered into the area and saw the castle. He loved roses, like anything else in nature. He had never seen such an impressive rose hedge, so he wanted to look at it more closely. The roses exhaled such a breathtaking scent that he found his senses confused, but also an entrance. He entered the castle undisturbed. Everywhere there were sleeping people, but no one who would have been interested in him until he pushed into the tower room, where the princess lay on a large four-poster bed. It was worth the effort. With the fragrance of the roses, but still more of the beauty of the princess, he followed an inner impulse and kissed her, but she did not move. What should he do?

Then the thought came to him that she would probably not get enough air in all the clothes, so that he liberated her from these. And he looked at her, the well-shaped breasts, the narrow waist, the gentle curvature of the belly and hips, and also her shoulders, covered with soft hair. Then her legs opened, so that he could see her secret, and an immense lust came over him, so that he freed himself from his clothes, to fill them with his manliness, but scarcely had his lust-bar crossed the gate to happiness He was surrounded by arms and legs and a pelvic basin that swallowed his sword completely. And after having had the best sex of her life, there was no doubt that this boy was also vegan.

That’s why the woman got married, the feudal lordship was dissolved, and of course all the people in the castle were awakened. And when they have not died, there are only happy creatures in this kingdom. Even the king gradually took pleasure in the new diet, especially since he was able to get it back to his wife. But the most fortunate of all was the princess, who had found an equal partner after so much a long time.


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