Life is too short for boring stories

In the ancient days it was, you can read at the brothers of Grimm, a king and a queen, who wished for a child, but their desire was not fulfilled, until the queen had once been in the bath and a frog crawled out of the water and assured her that she would give birth to a daughter. And as the frog had said, it happened.

In truth, the frog was known to be a potent prince, or even a single peasant, who had been steeled by the heavy fieldwork, and who was so anxious about the Queen for the first time. The king, on the other hand, whose arteries had already been greatly clogged with excessive meat and alcohol consumption, could no longer afford such services. So they were both satisfied. The Queen, after she had finally been so thoroughly absorbed, the peasant boy, who could bring his overwhelming male powers to the woman, and the king, who thought he had contributed his part to the preservation of the dynasty.

So the queen gave birth to a girl who was so beautiful that the king could how to act, as he was joyful. So he made a great feast. He invited not only his relatives, friends, and acquaintances, but also the wise women, so that they might feel and weary the child. They were thirteen in his kingdom, but because he had only twelve golden plates from which they were to eat, one of them had to stay at home.

In truth, however, those wise women, at least the twelve invited, were the guarantors that the king remained in power. They had succeeded in persuading the people that as long as those women had their hands protectively over the kingdom, they would be well. The thirteen, on the other hand, for which there was supposedly no plate left, spoke again and again critically. It called for a minimum education standard even for the lowest population strata, an abolition of feudal domination and thus of oppression, democracy and self-determination. All in all dreadful subversive thoughts. On the other hand, she was too powerful and influential, for she had done so much good to human beings, taught them to eat healthy, and how they could heal themselves from all sorts of diseases that they could bestow upon their land. But the worst thing was that they were aware to pay too much tax to the king, who was not really good for anything. It was not only a thorn in the eyes of the king, but also the pharmacists, suppliers in agriculture and many others. For this reason she was not allowed to be invited, for she had the habit of keeping her uproarious speeches even at the court, so that the service messengers ran away in droves. And as everyone knows, it is immensely difficult to find good servants.

The feast was celebrated with all its splendor, and when it was over, the wise women presented the child with their miracles: one with virtue, the other with beauty, the third with riches, and so with everything else in the world is desirable. When eleven had done their sayings, the thirteenth came suddenly. She wanted to avenge herself for not being invited, and without greeting or looking at anyone, she cried out in a loud voice: “The king’s daughter will be stuck at a spindle in her fifteenth year and fall dead.” And without a word to speak further, she turned around and left the hall. Everyone was frightened, and the twelfth came out, who still wanted her wish, and because she could not lift up the evil saying, but only to mitigate it, she said: “It is not a death, but a hundred-year-deep sleep to whom the king’s daughter falls. “

As far as the fairy tale, which is truly a martyr, for it was so that those eleven wise women wished the girl all that was necessary to put her under the hood as the only thing that guaranteed the dynasty to remain, bungled the untroubled by their desire into the craft: “May your mind be alert and open to the injustices and cruelties in this world. May you ever have the desire to learn and never let your mouth forbid you.” Voice and disappeared. That was not good at all. A princess who is inquisitive and critical, perhaps against the social conditions, could not be needed. Therefore the twelfth, which had not yet spoken, tried to mitigate what the thirteen had intervened. So she wished her that the burden of factuality would return her to the path of virtue after a reasonable time of rebellion. At the same time puberty was invented at the same time, but it was only by the way.


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