Life is too short for boring stories

“It can be quite different,” he went on. “Adam has let himself be seduced by a momentary mood of envy and jealousy, probably because he saw what he had not, only saw the virtues of being a woman and misconceived himself.”
“How do you mean that?” asked our friend.
“A woman is perhaps multi-orgasm capable and able to feel different, but she is also more complicated in her sensitivity. Many women are not capable of giving themselves to the desire, for whatever reason,” he began to explain.” The man, on the other hand, is straight, one could say, simply knit, without denying this now. There are also some other points that distinguish the female from male sexuality. This does not mean that one is better and the other is worse, but simply that it is different. “

“And Adam only saw that Lilith could do something he could not do. That was what made him angry, like a little child who has his own toys but who feels the the other ones, he doesn’t one, are better than his ones.”

“I agree. Lilith, on the other hand, saw the addition, the whole-becoming,” said my friend,” I think she would have been satisfied if she had not had three orgasms, but only one, or perhaps none at all. No matter. In the end it was a compliment to him. He was their fulfillment and freedom in devotion.”
“That’s exactly what it is,” he confirmed, “so if Adam had seen what gift he had in her, precisely in her freedom, he would have had no reason to suppress her. On the contrary, it would have been a matter for him to protect this freedom, for she also benefited him. “
“Both of them were unhappy after Lilith left and Eva joined him without a complaint, for the time being,” she said musingly, “but dissatisfaction arose in other ways, so that man and woman became enemies. And where there is war, there can be no winner.”
“That is why it is time to kick out Eva and bring Lilith back,” I replied emphatically.
“But Adam has remained the same. Would it really bring something?” she asked skeptically.
“Maybe he still exists, old Adam. Very sure even, but that does not mean that there is the new Adam, who is reconciled with Lilith, “he declared, full of confidence,” I would at least prefer Lilith to Eva.”

“A new Adam and a new Lilith,” I said musingly, “An Adam, who no longer has to rule and kill and hurt. And a Lilith, who meets him on the summit, without ditches, without fighting for supremacy. Instead, everyone finds their place in the together, embedded in the flowing circuit. A wonderful performance. Man and woman, who are equal spaces for their mutual development. Without envy or dislike, but only to learn from the other and to become more self-interested. It is good not to need, but to be allowed.”
“It is good not to have or want to be, but to be free and give free, even in a partnership,” he explained musing.

Quickly I slipped into my dress. It was time for me to leave and to cede the two to their development. I had found what I had been looking for, the name and the certainty that wholeness and coexistence would not contradict each other, but possibly mutually. On the same level, recognized and equivalent.


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