Life is too short for boring stories

“At the next opportunity, Adam turned to God to discuss the problem.
‘God,’ said Adam to God the next time to this monstrosity, when he was preaching, for he supposedly valued the company of his humans, the devil knows why, ‘The companion you have given me is complete out of control and shameless and disrespectful to me.’
,Yes, I know what you mean with shameless. I have been watching you, when she has risen to you as a thoroughbred. But I have to say, you are more like a lazy farm horse, but please, if she is satisfied with you, then I shall be right. She seems to be an extremely understanding, ruthless being at all. I really succeeded,’ said God, very pleased with himself and his creation, ‘But I would have noticed nothing of disrespect. You must explain this to me.’

‘You did not notice that?’ Adam asked, and one would have thought he had fallen out of the clouds if he had not just walked on the ground with God. There could be no talk of lust, for Adam felt little pleasure in it, and even in God it was a little uncomfortable to feel, ‘This woman, whom you have given me, simply stands there, between me and the sun, looks at me, with that look, which is not her right, and then she simply sits down on me and has three orgasms. Not only did she use me in the most shameless way to satisfy her animal impulses, she did not ask if she could do that or anything else. And a woman has to lie down. It cannot be otherwise!’
‘But didn’t this act also satisfy you?’ God asked, who had still not understood the real problem, although he was God, but he simply would not believe that a being he had created, Even in his own image, had such an overwhelming degree of stupidity.
‘Yes, but only once. And what about her, three times. Only used. I was used. She said where to go. This is definitely my task. I do not like her anymore! Bring me another one!’ Adam demanded unequivocally. God, of course, was in a dilemma. After all, he was also fascinated by the wise, open, lively Lilith, which was his best work. Without question. But he also liked to be slightly offended by Adam, despite his stupidity and ignorance, his prepotency and his inclination.
‘Have you talked to her about it?’, God tried to push the inevitable.
‘Yes, of course, but she does not understand me. One cannot speak to her, and that is to be a companion who does not want to acknowledge me and my natural superiority. This is not a companion. When she is there, I always feel very small and helpless. I should be big and strong. She just said we could do it the way she wants it and then again as I want it. She calls that a compromise. This is not a compromise, but only that she is right again. It is so lawful. A compromise would be if I suggested something and she says yes. But she does not, so make her away and another one, one that is good and decent and respects me as it is,’ Adam said sniffed. God was astonished that there was something else beside him that was infinite and perfect, but it was there, in the form of Adam’s stupidity.
‘Really fascinating,’ muttered God, then to add loudly, ‘Well, I’ll talk to her and make her see a look. She is, after all, a clever woman.’
‘You see, and the misfortune already begins, she is wise. Being wise is not good for my wife,’ Adam concluded the conversation and stole away. God went to Lilith to talk to her, even though he knew she would not give in. After all, he was God and omniscient. Lilith left the companion, who was not equal to her and became a demon. Adam stayed in paradise. This was the beginning of all misfortune.”, so he concluded his narrative.
“Why misfortune, Adam had what he wanted?” I asked interested.
“That can be, but have not you ever seen that you thought you wanted something, and then came up that it would have been better?” He replied.
“But is it otherwise possible,” said our friend.


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