Life is too short for boring stories

“It was the Creation myth, as it is in the Old Testament, and left for good reason, which explains how the relationship between man and woman has to look like. Adam, the first man, was unhappy, alone and lonely. God could not see it and decided to give him a companion. That is why he let a deep sleep fall upon him, and while Adam was sleeping well, God personally worked a rib out of his side and made Eva out of it. Adam was the human. Eva the female-human being. Adam was taken from the earth. Eve was taken from Adam. So she was right from the start and personally legitimized by God, in a relationship of dependency, for without him she could not have existed, “he began to tell, to be interrupted by my friend rude.

“We know that,” she said. But he remained calm.
“I am quite aware of this, but it is part of it, so let me just tell you,” he said with a smile, to continue. “The theologians will not tire of telling us that this is and will always remain so corresponding consequences. But what the theologians are fond of telling us is that before the history of Adam and Eve, which has been maintained, because it is just as opportune and justifies its convictions, there were two more stories that allowed a completely different approach to gender relations, at least one, the older, by both, and therefore deleted. For Eve was not Adam’s first wife, not the second, but only the third. The second was a smooth false test.
‘No, we do not like her,’ God and Adam unanimously fixed, and as it had been made of clay, it was again thrown in, but Adam’s first wife is extremely interesting. And her name was Lilith.

Lilith and Adam were both made of clay. At the same time and equivalent. They spent their days harmoniously in paradise, so powerful that they did not have to subject the other animal world by giving names to the other animals. It was a peaceful, harmonious coexistence between all animals. Lilith and Adam lived vegan, so you have to conclude. Lilith was a wise woman and wanted to talk to her husband, wanted to deal with him, share her thoughts. But she was also a woman who was not yet aware of restrictions of any kind. And as she wanted to live out her intellectual desires, so did her sexual.

One day Adam lay under a tree and looked up to heaven. The sky was blue, and only sporadic funny sheep-cops bounced on it. An idyllic day. Lilith approached him. She was slim and tall. Her silhouette was framed by the rays of the sun, and it was as if she were shining from them. She was standing in front of him, legged and grounded, for she also knew nothing about the fact that a woman had to hide her secret between her legs. Adam looked away from heaven and to her, the bouncing breasts, the slender waist, the gently swinging hips, and the wooded hill between her legs. As he looked at her, the desire to unite with her awoke, which made himself noticeable by the fact that his penis was erect. But Lilith was not a woman who just stood there and let look at herself. She looked at him too.

She looked at Adam, who was lying under the tree. Her eyes glided over his chest, his thighs, and back to his penis again, and when she saw it approaching, awoke in her the desire to join him. Now the awakening of the desire in a woman is not so simple and at first sight visible, which results from the anatomical constitution logically. But Lilith was also not afraid to put this into words or to take the initiative.

‘I want to sleep with you,’ she said. Perhaps she also used a different expression, but no matter how she used it, it was a hubby, because women do not have to have sexual desires. And if they already have them, then they should sincerely lower their heads ashamed and forget them as quickly as possible. Lilith did not do any of this. On the contrary, she went even further in her presumptuousness by leaving her place in front of the sun, and now stood over Adam, with her secret, right above his sex. Adam still had to blink as he looked up at her. Then the first, little rebellion stirred in him. He had to look up to her, while she was standing tall, strong, and sunbathing above him. Actually he should have felt relieved when she went into a crouch, grabbing her hand between her legs and sticking into his penis, just so without asking. Adam had no choice but to allow it, just because he himself was cool.

Lilith, in this position, had the control and that with delight. In her movements she followed her own rhythm and during this act she experienced three orgasms, a clitoral, a vaginal, and one that she herself did not know exactly where to assign. Adam, on the other hand, experienced a climax, but only one. And when the blood flowed back into his head again, he was sure that he had to be angry about his companion, who had not only been equaled, but even had the audacity to live it. Lilith, on the other hand, rolled, purring like a little kitten, into the arm of the man she thought she was her companion, confidant, and partner. But there was anger and disgust in him. “
“And what did he want to do about it?” I asked.
“He was able to do something, and so did,” he said, smiling, “for the story continues.”


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