Life is too short for boring stories

“The man is no longer needed,” I repeated musingly. “Not for the sexual needs of a woman, not for physical integrity, and certainly not for any other aspect of life.”
“I would go even further, claiming that the feminine sexuality of the male is far superior”, my friend continued, taking me on her mental journey, step by step, to make sure that I could actually follow her remarks, “A woman is multiple orgasm competent. Moreover, the more she is sexually challenged and stimulated, in a corresponding environment, the more her sensitivity increases and also her pleasure, where a man needs rest after the action has been completed. The woman feels enlivened and enriched and full of struggles, while he is hanging around like a wet tidbit to formulate it loosely. This is then re-stylized and outclassed to the post-match. “

“It’s like that,” I shot through my head involuntarily.
“Exactly, he thinks he has accomplished a great masterpiece, whereupon he wants to rest. She’s supposed to talk about feelings and all that,” she continued, “but she’d rather give him a kiss, and say, ‘I’ll save the world.’ It does not work because it sounds in his ears, as if she were saying, ‘Well done, my sweetie, but I’ve got to do important things now.’ This is not the case, because it shows that it lives up to her needs. He does it well, but she really has to adapt her to his own. “
“Cannot you discuss that?” I asked, naive and blue-eyed as I was now.
“Could be, but everything that man hears is that she is able to do more than he is,” she declared frankly.
“And if the woman is aware of her possibilities, she lives them out,” I continued the reflection.
“Correct. For example, That she may not be completely satisfied or even come to her feet, and so she turns to another, because with the one in her bed, there is nothing to catch,” she said consistently.
“And why not?” I replied lightly.
“There are two obvious reasons for this,” she began to explain. “One is the certainty of who the biological producer is. After all, every male wants to make sure his genetic material is spread and he does not grow a cuckoo-child. The other is banal male vanity. “
“And the only way it can be sustainable is through morality,” I concluded, “morality ensures that the truth is well hidden and suppressed. Moral integrity, it is said, is a woman who binds herself to a man and the best for the rest of her life. If she does not have that desire, something is wrong with her. This is spread until the self-regulation function. Therefore also the construct of great, romantic love, which is all that a woman fulfills. But some cultures also do not seem to trust this, so they consider it necessary to mutilate genitalia. Also in the form of separation and namelessness. In this way, a man is not only not necessary, but also detrimental to the well-being of the woman. “
“So, yes,” she told me, “but perhaps we find something that rehabilitates the man.”
“Maybe, but it will be difficult,” I replied, laughing because I was amused by the fact that I was able to rescue the man.


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