Life is too short for boring stories

Gentle were their touches, gently and at the same time demanding. I closed my eyes to let myself feel completely. Her fingers acted as a call, initiating nerve to nerve that vibrated, sparking small sparks, like a spray that spilled over the far-flung network of nerve-tracts, emanating from my clitoris, from my vagina synchronously stimulated. Nerves, branching like a fine, dense braid. And the junctions were the lights. One by one ignited, a living, bright flame, filling me with light and warmth. Each one shimmered in a different color. Colorful light games that spread out, glowed, from my center, to my heart, to my head, united with the thoughts until the feeling were thoughts and the thoughts feeling.

Each one of her sensuous contributions was as if she were breaking through a surface of water and triggering a wave that unfolded, unite with the others, to interlock and unite to the ground. Outgoing from the surface of my skin, swept by waves of sensibility, overlapping, unifying, flashing over, intertwining, under the surface reinforcing, layer by layer, up to the head, up to the fingertips, into the toes.

Her touches were the inquiry, my movements the answer. A wordless, sensitive dialogue, mutually reinforcing. The more the sparks sprayed, the waves rose, the stronger and more intense was their inquiry, until, in a last rebirth, the light-working culminated in a firework that flooded me with light and warmth, the waves into one fountain that spilled over me. Inspirational, invigorating, inspiring. My senses were sharpened and sensitized. When I felt her lips gently on mine.

In the kiss, which was like a seal, I opened my eyes. It was not necessary to ask, I saw that it had happened to her as well. So I closed her arms, my hands on her body to feel it close to mine, for it was only the beginning, a first rise, a small peak, from which the next ones were already visible.

“Can you associate it?” she asked abruptly, as the waves slowly smoothed and the lights became a gentle glow.
“No, it was everywhere, without separation or isolation, everywhere, in my body, in my thinking, in my feeling,” I said, following the experienced, “Like a union of heaven and earth, in which all boundaries are in air dissolve and become all one, like the divine Yoni. Now I know there can be no other name that summarizes everything and can really be expression. “
“So we could have found the name,” she said, pushing a little away from me to let me see her smile.
“But how can we mediate it? How can we explain what is only in the experience?”, I meant thoughtfully.
“Would not it be enough for every woman to be careful with herself and get herself into herself?” She replied calmly and confidently.
“To get into yourself, to discover yourself, that would probably be the starting point,” I told her, “and if I engage in you, you discover, it is as if I would let myself in, discover myself, And yet you. It is you and I in one, in consonance and harmony. “
“It’s like mirroring me and being a mirrow at the same time,” she confirmed.
“But I want to know more, to learn more, to see more,” I explained as I cautiously made her lay on her back, placing her arms beside her head, “I want more.”



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