Life is too short for boring stories

Everything is so complicated, we are told. Everything is so complicated and becomes more and more complex, let us be persistently persuaded, and because the word complicated makes us dizzy, we do not even look at it to check whether it is true that something is complicated. That is what is meant by the statement that we do not even look at it at all. On the other hand, something else is suggested to us, namely, that we are too stupid to understand something complicated. What we all put up with everything, just because.

We should leave everything up to the experts who understand all the complications, because they are smart enough, and we should simply leave them the decision, because experts who are smart enough to understand everything, always act for the good of the people , Who do not understand it. In addition, we have had enough to do with our own little life. So we do not have to burden ourselves with such things. We would be relieved if we did not interfere, but make the right decision at the right time, if we were previously told by these experts how to decide. This varies, of course, with the experts as well, but we do not understand that, we just have to take it. And it makes no sense.

Makes sense when we look and try to understand. Perhaps it is really complicated, but if we do not look, we will never know whether it is so, or it is only being addressed to us.

It makes sense if we cannot be persuaded that we are too stupid for anything to let others tell us what we can and what not, let others explain why we are too stupid and for what not. We should find it ourselves, should look and decide whether it is to be understood or not.

Makes sense to draw the attention of the experts to the fact that it is their task to explain things to us that they are understandable, because only then are they real experts, and not simply self-proclaimed know-it-all. Perhaps the experts tell us we are too stupid, because then we did not ask and inquiring discovered that we are not stupid, but the experts, who themselves do not understand what they are talking about. If they were really experts, they could explain it. If they cannot, they are not experts.

Makes sense to make a picture of itself and draw conclusions from it, and not to cheat everything, simply because it is so much more comfortable and simple, because it is no input or effort.

It makes sense to get up and think for ourselves, yet we all persuade ourselves that we cannot do it, nevertheless we are advised against from all sides, nevertheless they try to make us with neuroleptics to living and thoughtless zombies and with aspirin holes in the stomach wall, We should just dare to try it out, and we will see it does not hurt to think for yourself. On the contrary, self-thinking makes you free and independent. It’s only a pity that we cannot make it easy for us to talk it over, not the slightest nonsense, because we have finally understood that not everything is true, just because someone pretends to be an expert.

Sense makes use of his own mind without the guidance of another.

Meaning makes us finally free from our self-inflicted immaturity.

Immanuel Kant knew that. And that is not a bit complicated.


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