Life is too short for boring stories

Targeting, efficiency and effectiveness are the categories that count in our world. All that is done must be done in the shortest possible time or with the least possible center-of-charge or with the highest possible output, or best with all together. These are great prerequisites. At least for those who think that people must be kept under control. Like parents their children. Whoever does everything as quickly as possible has no time to look around, but sees only the immediate that has to be done. Do not even talk about thinking. He must constantly focus on his work, on everything that needs to be done, or what one believes or has to persuade himself that it must be done. And even on holidays, the recognized categories are not at home, but they also put them there. So many sights in as short a time as possible. It does not matter if you just know what the place was called after. To do so many animations in wind ropes, or simply as much alcohol as possible in itself. Efficiency owed. But what if we do not recognize the categories?

When we get up early in the morning, where nature still has its privilege and we have to find a place in it, it is with the light. It happens without plan and necessity. It happens. We have nothing to complain about except the circumstances. The weather. To the light. And if the weather is good for us, we’ll break. Only here we decide for a way. There is no particular reason why we take this. It could be anyone else. But if we have decided, we want to explore it. Curious about everything there is to discover behind the next bend, and beyond the next, until we have climbed the mountain and see into the distance. The world is quiet and peaceful. Silence and peace we feel in us. Stop, not just at the top, but always when we are in the mood for. There is nothing that drives us. We trust in ourselves. The way, that it holds. And the voice in us that leads us.

There is also no path that is simply there, for there was no one who preceded, but it will, by going, like our life, by accepting it and doing nothing else but to live it. How much time is spent on saving time. How much life is wasted upon the prerequisites to live. We got everything from the start. Also to find the way to go and go. Step by step. No one is the same. Just as no place is like the other. Step by step. For ourselves. Every now and then we look around. No, we are not alone. It is good to know that you are not alone on your way, even if you are not going to leave yourself. But also not the joy of the new-discovered. We can tell us. Let us take part.

The way is by going it. Always forward. Stop. Look around. Pause. Going forward until we get back to where we left off. From the beginning of the day to the end. From the beginning of life to the end. We always come back to where we have been and where we are located. Again and again, we find the way back. Just turning around and looking back is not an option. Solidifying in the past. Hold on to the known. The path leads us forward. And life is the moment. And eternity within the moment.


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