Life is too short for boring stories

„God is love,“ it says. The great monotheistic religions rely on it. „God is life,“ also one agrees, one among a few. This all sounds wonderful and promising, and then it is done that already in the history of creation, in the first book of Moses, precisely these statements are completely ad absurdum led. This is the prelude and indicates the direction that is still being applied. Adam, the first human being placed in paradise, is given the order to rule nature and the other animals. Then a companion, who is dependent on him, is a part of him. For if it is true that God is love, how can he then demand that one of his creatures rules over another, indeed subjugates them, as further stated in Psalm 8? How can God be life and still give his creation to the hand of a living being that not only extinguishes other lives, but also his own basis of life and thus himself?

This contradiction can only be resolved in one direction: the Bible is a human work, a pure human work that has been authored to legitimize human action through a higher authority. The choice of the texts, the code, the standard, points out. So the text about the first couple of people, namely Lilith and Adam, found no access. If it had found it, much more would be out of tune, for Lilith and Adam bear witness to that love which wants to protect creation and live it. The human pair is not separated from the other animals, but sits peacefully among all the other creatures. There is no order to give names to the other animals, for the name means authority. This power of authority is thought only of the Creator himself, in this version where it belongs. The origin of the first pair of human beings is also described differently, because they are both formed from clay. They are thus part of nature, embedded in and connected with the cycle of life. Thus they are not raised above nature, but equated. A separate species, no doubt, but without special privileges. Lilith is also an equal partner. A truly paradisiacal condition, as far as a functioning ecosystem, a peaceful coexistence and an appreciative dealings are promised.

But the authors of the Bible had something else in mind and legitimacy. Domination, man over nature, man over woman, individual peoples over other peoples, and needed the justification of a higher, inaccessible place. For a connection with God was only confessed to a chosen, select circle. But where the white man’s power of authority is legitimized above all others, including the right to expulsion, destruction and abuse, love and life are lost. God remains on the line.

But what kind of God is he who creates life, only to destroy it? What kind of a God is he who wants a small minority, and who rules it unrestrainedly, without limits? It is a God who has been wronged by those who want to rule and destroy in this sense, for that cannot be contradicted. Better said, could not be contradicted.

Lilith and Adam, in the midst of creation in paradise, equivalent and connected to nature could be a new beginning. Mindfulness, respect and love with each other, the other and with ourselves. It is the moment when the God of life and love can be felt again.


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