Life is too short for boring stories

Every living, breathing, feeling being comes with nothing in this life, with nothing but this life. It evolves, reaches its zenith and degenerates again, until it returns at the end of this life again. In between lies the time to live this life. All of them are alike. Nobody gets more, but stands there naked and bare with nothing more than his liveliness and seeks to get it. Similarly, the abandonment of life takes place by withdrawing it from you. You can now guess and speculate where life comes from, who gave it to you or where it goes and who takes it back to you, as far as a natural death is concerned. No matter what answers you find, there are mere guess and speculations. Only one thing is certain: we do not give ourselves life.

Life – that’s nothing you can generate, make or produce. Each individual being receives his individual, distinctive form and equipment. It is unique, whether it is an amoeba or a human being. Every life is in itself and for itself. No matter where life comes from, it is a fact that it is not due to any other creature. For only this would give another living creature the right to shape this other life in any way. But there is no causer within the communion of the living. Therefore, life is for itself and for no one else.

But if life is for nothing and no one but for itself, as the only thing that it can call its own, it has the right to this life from itself. Every living being. It does not need to be attributed to it, because it is in it fundamental. In humans there seems now to be broad agreement. The right to life and its integrity does not need to be attributed to him – we keep this idea consistent – because he brings it with him. The only possession in the short time of existence. The only thing that can happen is that this right is curtailed. But what is the reason for this? If we assume that no one comes into existence with more than this life, no one can have more than this, and thus no more right than another. Even if desperate attempts are made to construct rights out of morality, in order to be able to infer the power of touching the integrity of non-human beings, for when the rights to life are derived from morality, all living creatures will automatically fall out without morals. A painstaking construction which completely denies the fundamental constancy of self-sufficiency of life. The intention is clear. It is intended to produce a moral justification that it is morally justified not to pay attention to this intactness.

It should be exactly the opposite. First, this individual, self-belonging life, which must be protected in every way. It is not a question of whether it should be used. The right to integrity, no matter what living thing is, is one that is fundamental in life itself. Thus, it is inviolable, isolated from any purpose, any use, and any collection. It is no longer necessary to discuss whether the one circumcision of this integrity is more than the other, but any circumcision is a crime against this universal fundamental law. The only thing that is needed is to prevent anything that restricts this integrity. The universal right to integrity, which belongs to all life, goes hand in hand with the universal duty to omit everything that this opposes respectively does everything to preserve it.


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