Life is too short for boring stories

She is still gnawing at me, this question, why we just, why you and me. So many people meet us, every day, some fleeting, passing by. Some of them stand for a moment, maybe look at us, change a few words with us, and then they are gone again and leave no traces. Some of us turn into a conversation and we take words, thoughts. A few, several accompany us a little, and then take another path again, but you have taken me by the hand, took me not only into your words and your thoughts, but into you.

We walk together a bit of the way, but even if we do not go together, you are with me, and I with you. Why you and me? What is it that makes you and me stand out from all the others? Is it because we were able to touch us, at our core? Is it because you make pages in me, whose sound I did not know myself? Is it because I know about you my possibilities? Is it because I can be myself in the indifference you are giving me? Is it because I can say to you, as I cannot say to anyone else? Is it because you fill me and make me grow and grow? Or is it a mere arrogance to experience nothing more than the subtle desire to experience all this, and I use you to make this possible? Is it perhaps merely a very perfidious form of narcissism? But how can it be if I do you good, if you say that you can unfold, that I may flock you? How could it be if you were strengthened?

We have encountered each other and had two possibilities to let the encounter happen or prevent it, to open the door to us, or to keep it locked. We have opened them, you are on your side and I have opened on mine, the door to the space of the encounter, they have opened. Why did we keep the door open and not locked? Why did we just enter the meeting room and did not keep us covered? We two alone in the space of the encounter, this is a venture, to which we admit, the venture of opening and vulnerability. There, in the space of the encounter, there I am at the mercy of you, just like you. Many scars we have already taken away from previous encounters, but we dare to do it again and again, always letting ourselves into it. Sometimes we are punished and hurt. Sometimes we are rewarded and remain safe. But here, in the space of our encounter, there is the gift and gift-getting. There we are.

He who enters into encounter enters and stands in it. And whoever is in the encounter is challenged to himself and to thee. You and I have entered, into the space of the encounter, into the space of the We-becoming, have allowed the space to be filled and we-space, have opened to each other and shown in our uniqueness and vulnerability and found us adopted, strengthened and protected. But

still it’s gnawing at me, the question of why we, why you and me.


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  1. robertomuffoletto sagt:

    I have no idea 😯

    1. novels4utoo sagt:

      That’s a pity. I do have.

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