Life is too short for boring stories

He looked down at her, tightened his muscles and waited for her to look at him, but she did not like he wanted her to. Bullheaded she looked just straightforward. Please, she should be stubborn, but she should pretend that she do not mind. No, she could not stand it for a long time, he was convinced of it. Then she would beg him, imploring him to pay attention. It could happen in a few minutes, or even in an hour, but he had time. She has not. He felt strong, confident, now that everything had been done. She still did not look at him. No sound came over her lips. He saw her lips tremble. Cold probably. He knew exactly about her, and cold, she did not want to. So he was so sure that she would not last long. The little cat of prey.

It was not so easy to take off her clothes, to bind her, and to lay her down on the ground. He had not just dropped her. He would not do that. Otherwise, in the end, she would have fallen on the head and into a releasing unconsciousness, and he did not want to do her the favor. She should experience everything with full consciousness. Then she’d scratched him, that bitch. Wide red stitches testified of her desperate attempt to defend herself against him. She had never had a chance against him. The thought pleased him, no chance against him. He was strong and powerful, and she tied, his legs backwards angled and tied with her hands. If he lifted her now and put her on her stomach, he could rock her like a rocking horse. This performance amused him, but seemed to him too childish. He had expected her to scream, but she had not. She lay there only in silence, and her lips grew blue. Soon she would come to her senses. Soon she would ask him to stay with him, and if she did not, then she had to stay here until she realized that she belonged here and that she did not go anywhere else. Far too little fear was there in her eyes, according to his taste. That would be coming, he tried to persuade himself. He was the strong one. He had the power. She would come back to reason and realize how good she was with him. After all these years, she just wanted to throw everything. He could not help it. Everyone would understand this, everyone that he insisted on his claims.


If anyone was allowed to go, then he, but he did not take anything damn. And she did not move. Her body was trembling with cold as it lay on the cold concrete floor. If she were to ask him, he would immediately untie her. But she was still beautiful as she lay before him. The slender body was bent, taut and desirable. She had not screamed, and so it was not necessary to close her mouth. He felt a hot desire rise in himself. No, he could not resist. So he knelt down, opened his pants and her lips.

“Come, you little bitch, be dear to me,” he said hoarsely. And when she bite, he said nothing more.


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