Life is too short for boring stories

As soon as longer heat periods announce the spring it starts. I notice that spring is coming, not by the weather, but by the splendid reception, which I am getting ready from now on many mornings. “Because,” Reinhard May sings in a variation of the well-known song, “some depp mows somewhere always.” Not that I have something against the mowing, except if the dear neighbors means to do it on a Saturday at six o’clock in the morning Because it is supposed to rain at eight o’clock.

As soon as the coffee in the cup spills, I can live with it, but why does an elderly couple need a soccer field. What is football lawns, a lawn, there would be best turf specialist in the tennis all ten fingers after lick. But this lawn cannot see a football or a tennis ball again, just because it would be possible to kink a couple of necks, which have to be as stiff as the soldiers. And to make the whole perfect, round an endemic thujahedge. The garden is finished at its finest. It is even possible to argue about taste, but not about the fact that this garden has as much to do with nature as a green-painted concrete surface. No bee, no bumblebee or any other insect will get lost. Garden yes, but nothing natural, because it is untamed and not beautiful, unstructured and insults our aesthetic consciousness. Every little flower is cut out. Every weed exiled. Best with round-up. And yes, what does this have to do with groundwater? No matter, because with time the body gets used to every poison.

But this civilized approach to nature does not, unfortunately, be limited to one’s own garden, no, it is expanded. Who could we save quickly? Yes, there were the poor wild animals. The little Bambi, which must be out in all weather, in cold, snow, rain and sun. The little Bambi eaten by the evil fox. And forget the little Bambi, which is decapitated or boned by sharp knives, depending on whether it is ducking or not. Poor Bambi, straying itself out into the street because it cuts through the area. In fact, there are so grand proposals that the fences are built around the forests, so that nothing can happen to the wild animals, and within them are built camps that the poor thing do not have to freeze.

And then the civilized is extended to all other natural processes. A birth? For the sake of God, that is bloody and disgusting, there is no consistence, which the mothers have there and scream and groan completely mad. We do not want to see this, do not listen. Down to the sickroom and the door to. It is even better if an emperor’s cut is made. There you have everything under control. Likewise, death. The death is easy and quiet. Illness? No, we want to see young, beautiful, strong, vital people. All the others should put a bag over the head, if they dare at all out of the house. And how young, radiant, and vital to look, you can see from the relevant trade journals for youth cult and beauty delusion. And indeed in the ever popular form.

In the case of civilization, particular attention must be given to the next generation, because children cannot grow up like the wolves, free and unchallenged, open and curious. You have to look at it in time, because otherwise they still get the idea that life could be fun – even if only occasionally. But fortunately we have the civilization that prevents this.


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