Life is too short for boring stories

I was actually first of all with the intention to finally remove all trivialities from my life. Things of no importance are all the small unimportant things, the everyday repetitions and the whole stupidity of the redundant. So, not from my life, but from my messages. At least from these, for there is no choice but to face them. Everyday situations, small adversities, sometimes also amenities. Whether positive or negative, it was there, but not worth talking about. That’s why I wanted to leave it, because I have to deal with my words carefully. Who knows how many are still available to me? So I do not need to reproach myself if one day they run out. I thought for myself. You have a certain responsibility.

This responsibility applies to others as well as to oneself. When I speak of all these things, I bored the others around me. I cannot allow that. After all, I do not want to be bored. And you cannot ask for anything else you do not. All entertainments would receive immense added value because only more important information would come to the people. The extraordinary, the educational, the sensational and the consequences. What a view. Small talk would no longer exist. No hackneyed phrases about the weather or the condition or other stuff. What progress would humanity make if they did not waste their time.

And as my knowledge was the foundation of an ever-evolving society, at a breathtaking pace, and consequently the essential criteria I had set, I communicated it to you when you met me on that day, for the first time again.

Patiently you listened to me. The longer I talked about it – even if I thought I kept short – the more you smiled at me. It puzzled me. Why did you smile? But was that a question I could ask? It was only when I paused you took the word and my hands.

“If I really take you seriously now,” you began, and looked me in the eye, “Then I should not tell you now that it is nice that you are there. I cannot tell you that I feel comfortable with you. Because it is always so when we meet. A banality. An insignificance. But with all banality and insignificance, the most beautiful thing I could wish for this moment is the most important thing for me, because language is more than material information. We are talking about ourselves. Our confidence and our concern, our joy and our pain, our love and our life, because life is an accumulation of irrelevances, which ultimately make it. Small, wonderful trivialities. It’s us.”

And I had to realize that you were right, so I squinted my eyes ashamed, because what I thought had brought me so far from you. What you thought and also communicated to me had brought me so close to you. So I returned your smile. And also your kiss. And when you asked me to see you, it was the joy of being with you, extended by a syllable, a small, important syllable, which made me go home easily, even if it were away from you Was, for this moment. We would see each other again – that was before the joy, which made my joy an pre-joy. And you were the one who gave it to me.


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