Life is too short for boring stories

Inspired by Kieran Halpin “Rolling the Dice”

The people who formed the procession had taken their seats on the surrounding benches and waited while a picture arose in front of our eyes, like a projection. It was a poker table. It was almost full. Only one place was still free. Next to the dealer, there were nine more men, only men at the table, and they were old men, except for one exception. A single woman was among them, young and handsome as the flowering life. A slightly younger man stepped carefully to the table. Timidly, he stood behind the free chair, as if he did not know whether to sit down or not.

“Why do you always hesitate, Jesus? Sit down, finally,!” the indecisive was summoned, and he did it with a sense of reluctance.

“I think it’s not right what you’re doing. After all, God does not roll,” he said, shaking his head.

“We do not roll, we play card-poker. This is probably a small difference!”, the dealer noted.

“Absolutely no matter. Just see what you are playing. You are playing for the life that you have created!”, said the one who had been addressed to Jesus. In fact, there were no chips at the table, but there were small figures on it. All the creatures that exist in the world were found there in the form of these small figurines, and in fact they were used as an insert.

“No, no, we did not create anything, but you’re just here for a short time, so you do not understand that,” replied the one who had asked him to sit down.

“Then explain it to me,” Jesus said impotently.

“Besides, he was probably a man too long. Exciting, actually, that they have made him God. We had a lot of things, since our creation, but that was still quite rare,” said another.

“Do not pretend that you’ve been there for so long, Allah!” another one mocked.

“Listen, that’s no reason to get into a quarrel. We cannot do anything for it, because when and where man creates us, no one can know,” tried the first to give in.

“But you, my father, you have created the universe, the world and the people. You are God!” Jesus said.

“I think we should finally tell him the truth,” said God, “but that should be done by the one, who is here for the longest time.”

“Well, then listen carefully, Jesus, I will tell you about the creation of God,” the woman said.


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