Life is too short for boring stories

it was no longer possible to negate it. I cannot go back, past a once-done experience. I can no longer ignore it and no longer pretend that nothing is. The beautifully packaged pork chop, clean and pretentious is the part of a cadaver, who belonged to a pig, who lived from the beginning to the end of his life in an animal concentration camp.


“Mama, what is inside the schnitzel?”, asks my little daughter, and I tell her “body parts”.

It is the truth, but a truth that no one else would hear. Ashamed, I am amazed that I should not say so.

“What cannot I say, the truth?” I ask.

“Truth, truth, yes, we do not lie to our children, but you can say that a little more friendly,” I explained.

“Death is not kind,” I replied, “And if it were only death, no, it is the whole of life a martyrdom. No matter whether it is one, ten or a thousand animals, it is an avoidable suffering. And it was precisely man who had the possibility, with his head so great, that of intelligence, not to commit this suffering. This suffering is an all-embracing one. A baby who is not allowed to cuddle to his mother, because she means nothing more than a teat carrier, locked in a lattice cage. It must not play, not be merry. And above all, there is no escape. The few months that it is allowed to live are months of torment and surrender, without hope, but full of despair and suffering. Day by day, hour by hour, every single minute of his existence a single martyrdom. And for what? To a moment of enjoyment for the one who caused these agony. And all this cannot be said? But how can I be silent about this when I know? How can I sit back, shrug my shoulders and say it’s just like that? But not only that other animals are abused, even the suffering of one’s own fellow-man takes in his lust for meat. For the grain we need in the first world for the feeding of the animals, not to satisfy the hunger of the children. And all this to make us eat fat and sick. “

“Then you are probably also one of the radical animal rights activists who would like to free all the animals and if need be by force?” I am asked.

“When I see this suffering, which you are so skillfully past, yes, it is an impulse. Because every moment in this hell is a moment of unnecessary torment. Every minute we discuss it academically is full of boundless suffering. Of course, I would like to call, ‘Hurry your life is bestialized,’ but I do not, because I am very well aware that it is about property and profit. A rethink is not achieved through radical actions. On the contrary, it leads to defense. That is why I will talk about it, I will not lie to my children, no matter how embarrassing this may be to some. The human being is obnoxious, no matter what he creates great, everything is surpassed by what man has in front of all other animals: to inflict the gift on other creatures with pleasure, and to destroy everything that befalls him. “


Or better, I would say, if anyone would listen to me about it. For it is simpler and more convenient not to see. Then I can still say I can do nothing for it and therefore I am not responsible.


But I cannot go back, can no longer deny this endless suffering, which the animal-man does to his hunger, not only to satisfy hunger but also his vanity and his desire for amusement, his perverse desires and his lust for power . For this, a supreme intelligence is essential.


“Yes, that may be everything,” is countered, “But do not tell your children that parts of the body are in the schnitzel.”

“Ok, I’m not saying it,” I admit.

“Very nice”, my feedback is liked.

“I only say that there is avoidable suffering and misery.”


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