Life is too short for boring stories

Inspired by Kieran Halpin “Farewell to pride”

Trapped in the everyday life,

Gathered from all the things,

Which are to be done,

Compressed by the pressure of the factual,

I had no choice,

Because I did not want it.

No time.

No patience.

No need.

I did not need any strength to fight,

Because I saw nothing,

Which was worth fighting for.

I was convinced,

My sight of things is right,

Since I shared them with so many.

And I believed,

What they had taught me.

And the despair came in the night.


I have seen the signs,

When I looked up,


A little blowing the blinders.

I saw,

Which I did not want to see,


Which I did not want to hear,

And the pictures and screams

Burned into my soul,

Even though I banished them in the farthest corner,

Turned me away and left,

But I had seen it

And could no longer deny it,

No longer say,

everything is OK.


I had no strength to fight,

Because I did not want to fight,

Since I saw no meaning.

I saw the sight,

Which I thought was right,

Fluctuate and break.

I lost faith,

To what they taught me,

But I did not dare to say it.

And the fear in the night.


When I finally opened my eyes,

Since I saw the crimes of this game,

The lies that are being imprisoned,

The motives of those,

Who want to lock us into our little lives.

You have no time.

Let it be.

We’ll do it for you.

We do it right.

And I was weak,

For how can you proceed,

Against the mighty,

Against the rich,

Which have all the possibilities,

So I bravely smiled,

Even if it was a pain,

So I am submissive,

Resting on it,

That there was so much work.


I asked for the strength to fight,

Because it was not just about me,

But around us all.

I was on the way to a new sight,

Which was really right,

But I kept it secret,

Remained silent.

I asked for the faith in that,

Which I had now learned.

And for courage through the night.


I saw it,

the dark side,

With all its horrors and torments,

Which gave me the tears,


Tears of despair for the deprived,

Tears of rage over the rulers over life and death.

I have observed,

As a life becomes,

Which begins in captivity and ends there,

A life,

Which must never know anything else,

As this place,

Until the passage to death.

I’ve been confronted with my demons,

The fear, the doubt, the cowardice,

To name and recognize them.


I have the strength to fight,

For those who cannot stand for themselves.

I know that the view is correct,

that I have,

Since I dropped the blinders.

I have faith,

In all that I have learned,

Since I looked.

And I have the courage,

Even through the darkest night

Until the last breath.


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    One struggle – one fight
    animal liberation – human rights

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