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And God, who had stepped out of the in-Himself in eternity as a word out of himself to be creation, which made the Word itself flesh, took it upon itself, being a word, to be thrown into the wordlessness.

“To the cross with Him!”, they cried, “We will not tolerate Him among us anymore. This is to be a doctrine, to all those who think that they can make us first great promises, and then they do nothing. We have believed in Him, trusted Him, but He has betrayed us. Out of our eyes with Him and death. He will already know how to deal with it. “

“But no, such a normal, simple, quick death, that is not atonement for this!”, cried the others, “He shall suffer it, this death, suffer as He suffered us with His unspeakable promises Not adhered to. He is to die of agony, to bring death as a savior! “

And so it happened. Pierced on his hands and feet, pierced his side, and the wound purified with vinegar, crowned with thorns, He held, forgiving those still dying, who could not forgive His supposed misleading, who knew only the atoning sacrifice. God’s servant. Immanuel. Messiah. Redeemer. What did you suffer and kept still? What did you not let them do about you, not for your sake, but for the sake of those who did not understand the word?

But not the dying, not the slow dah, not jeer and mockery, were the real torments He had to suffer, He, who was God himself, the word of life, the word of love. For the Word does not die by death alone, but by the death of the Dia.logue-looseness. Meat falls off and the word is negated, exiled from the flow of words that it itself made. In his death, He forbade Him from the eternal wandering of him who created the Word and the Word, lost in the darkest loneliness, lost even the loneliness, lonely without address, even lonely than all solitude Loneliness, lost even the most gloomy torment. Deprivation of being, from the all-embracing being, into the absolute nothing. Far beyond our imagination, because there is nothing more to be imagined, beyond being and word and nothingness and speechlessness.

Lost in its absolute negation, as the negation of negation, is still too much dialectical loading. Nothing. And even the word “nothing” is still too much, too powerful for the nothingness, which is the nothingness, which can no longer be spoken. There, into nothingness beyond nothingness, beyond all understanding, because it is too painful, too destructive to our minds, that we might even have a presentiment of it without falling prey to the delusion, there it had died, the word that incarnated Word.

And the darkness lay over being. The pain of creation drowned everything in darkness. God is dead – we murdered him. The Logos is dead-we have cast him out into the death of death. And the creation was crying, and with it all those who were touched by the touch itself, which could be addressed, by the Word itself, and those who descended with Him into Absolute. And the word was lost. There is no more guilt, no more death, no loneliness, no more suffering, no more torment, for He has brought them together. Salvation never came, because redemption is not possible, not from the outside. Never happened what could be called salvation. And the blindness and the numbness and the closeness remained. And the transgression into the nothing more can no longer be denied.


2 Gedanken zu “Dia.logue (10): Wordlessness

  1. robertomuffoletto sagt:

    Without words we only have ourselves, with not even ourselves able to listen to the silence. The silence makes us free and also captures us.

    Best Roberto

    Roberto Muffoletto MFA. Ph.D. Director VASA and VASA Europe Editor VJIC email: Skype: robertomuffoletto Phone USA: +1 828 398 0496 (this is USA skype number) Vienna, Austria +43 (0) 676 794 1227

    1. novels4utoo sagt:

      Flashed back on ourselfes, confused, holdless, but recognizing, that is all that we need, Not longer lost, but Held in silence which is filled with the unspeakable, that makes life worth. Free to be. Just to be.

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