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Traditions, customs, rituals are to be honored – I will not be close and traditionally, as I have just heard, begin with …

Once Upon a time. And not so long ago that the entire headquarter of Nestle (who does not know it yet, that is, a small Swiss company, which always sounds very idyllic) flew with the company jet to Mexico. The goal was a little outside of Mexico City, about one hour car trip, depending on the car. You could land anywhere. And if a few fields or aboriginals came to harm, was not bad, there were too many people in the world anyway. It was to be checked whether the source recently purchased by Nestle was all about the right thing, and not the unauthorized one or two droplets. People or even animals. The yield had recently declined a little. The idea of sabotage was therefore obvious. This matter was given the highest priority – it was possible for extremists to think about it, too, which seriously meant drinking water without paying to Nestle. That is why the entire headquarter, including the chairman Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, flew to the location of the events. Of course it was risky.

When the plane actually crashed in the desert of Mexico, it was Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, who survived the crash. He was sitting at the toilet when it happened. That was what saved him. In addition, the plane was so broken that he had not only free visibility, but also a free exit from his seat. Quickly he pulled up the trousers, still dangling over his ankles, and closed them, these and an ingenious plan. He began to leave the plane. He finally had a concrete assignment. He had to visit the spring. He stomped bravely. After all, he had mastered quite different situations.

“Water as a human right, they also dare to say aloud,” he thought, while he purposefully prepended, “You could immediately demand that food should be freely accessible or ground. What a joke. They must be properly bland, this left-wing extremist. And then the feminists. Sitting all day at home, spoiling their children and because they have nothing else to do and maybe even studied an orchidaceous, some humanities, whatever science is, and then they think. And whoever is bland and who thinks, comes on stupid ideas. Actually, thought should become a commodity, then it could do less and such a thing would not happen. “

And while he was thinking and walking before him, he had actually reached the spring. His suit was completely sweaty and probably a little deranged, for the midday sun over Mexico burned mercilessly down on him. Even on him. But the tie sat perfectly. Besides, a slight thirst felt. His throat was parched, but that would change. Then he met the first man. It was a guard. Abandoned and remunerated by Nestle to protect the source from unauthorized access, and unauthorized were all non-proprietors. Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, aware of his dignity and position, was anxious to pass his head high on the guard, but the latter stopped him.

“¡Para! Sin acceso no autorizado!”, he said loudly and convincingly that only the CEO of the Spanish was not powerful, but he understood so much that this obviously did not want to let him pass.

“Listen,” he said, in English, with the Carinthia dialect, which still came through when he became angry, “Do not you know who I am?”

“No,” said the guard, who evidently was powerful in English, “I will not let anyone in here, not without identification.”

“I am the CEO of Nestle,” he retorted.

“Anyone can say that, and especially if he runs so torn off the desert,” replied the inexorable guard.

“We had a plane crash, all the members of the Headquarters are dead, and I am the only survivor, I need water,” the CEO said, something small.

“So stupid will be Nestle, the joke was good, all in one plane,” replied the soldier, who was worth his pay, “Then show me your ID.” But the CEO had not. What for. Otherwise he was known everywhere. No identification, no money, nothing.

“Please, just a little water,” he pleaded.

“No problem, there is a stand over there, where you can buy wonderful water, It’s from Nestle” said the guard, pointing in an indeterminate direction, but the CEO could not see anything anymore, so much shimmering before his eyes.

“No money, no ID, maybe water could be a human right,” he thought, but there were too many people in the world anyway.


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