Life is too short for boring stories

The slogan of unity, of holiness, of body and soul, which does not yet know the separateness, in the space of the pre-linguistic, inarticulate word, is broken by learning to speak. Quite naturally, quite humanly, we enter the frailty and see it as progress. Which is probably also its justification, if one has the possibility to ask quickly and simply that one is given the salt or one with the neighbor the latest gossip can spread. But when I walk through the forest, when I allow myself to be absorbed in the silence and my thoughts which the newly-discovered of the last days pass through, and give birth to new thoughts, when I rejoice in their becoming and reciprocal fertilization, new constellations and connections, it is hard for me to find the right words when a fleeting acquaintance runs over me and compels me to be polite, and to be polite means to practice me in conversation. Especially in the small talk, or what is even better, in the fast talk.

A quick conversation, vacant, meaningless phrase mongering. Nothing worth to be kept. A pity for all the beautiful words, which are squandered. Quickly, because the few polite phrases are down, and then you say goodbye, because everyone is in a hurry. We already assume that the other is in a hurry, and if the other is in no hurry, he feels compelled to justify this.


“Exceptionally, quite by way of exception, I am in no hurry. I have a day off today,” is then said, these days are then stuffed full, mostly, with all the leisure activities, which one quickly means to have to check off. A quick conversation that quickly passes by, does not touch, but still pushes all the beautiful thoughts and insights from just, and for something that was not worth the word.


Fast talk, because it is almost a conversation, in the sense of almost. It uses words that do not concern you. It happens between you and me, but preconceived answers are expected and given, because you do not want to be rude. What is the other one’s thinking? But the actual disregard of the other lies in these two-way conversations.


Dia.logue in the broken linguistic, articulated sense is characterized by mindfulness, mindfulness for your response to me, the choice of your words and the totality of your language, your mimic, gestures, your looks and movements. Mindfulness turns a fast talk into a slide, in which we are meant. This is courtesy to take the time to take you in mindfulness to the words, which have content and meaning for you, admittance and acceptance. I am also ready to let my thoughts go, to be emptied for you so that I may be your place for your arrival, that I understand you as far as it is possible.


Perfect understanding is no longer possible in a world of linguistic, articulated words, in which the meaning is wavering, but an approach is possible when I am ready to be open and mindful when I am ready to admit to you. Mindfulness is the key, the only key to an understanding that goes far beyond the mere word which is meant and accepted by you, which does not happen in the past, but in standing still and entering into you, that you are invitation to yourself living and developing and expanding and intensifying in the reciprocal of becoming.


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