Life is too short for boring stories

You, that is the beginning and the end.

You, that is the entrance and the exit,

You, that is the foundation and the vault, earth and sky.

When we enter this world, we see eyes that receive us, eyes which we turn to because we have no choice but to enter into the space of the gaze, which allows us to fully embrace life, which accepts us, wordlessly and without pretension, simply because we are there, without prejudice and without conditions. Why did we forget it so quickly? Why did we let ourselves be so quickly convinced that the assumption is conditional and not founded in our being, where we could experience exactly that? How quickly we have made it clear to ourselves and the mistrust, because it must be so, and because all that is of value must also have a price, and because there can be no selflessness, and because without many long words togetherness is not possible? Why did we forget the direct, wordless connection so quickly? Why do we have to explain where there is no explanation for? Why do we have to stretch the words? Many letters, a lot of statement – and with the many letters comes the confusion in the world, and the language of life itself is lost.


I am word by letting myself be.

I am a word by letting me be You.

I am a word by letting me be You for you.


And we go back a step, and the opening glance becomes a mirror, recognizing ourselves as I, and with the recognition the desire for self-assertion arises. And with the self-assertion I mean to protect myself against you, by closing myself, making everything tight, no longer let you approach me. Of course, you must understand it, because it could be, could always be that you hurt me, that you come too close to me, mock me and expose me. It can always happen. But in doing so I overlook the fact that, as I defend myself, I detach myself from the life-giving coexistence, that I am isolated and united by keeping the small, united self, which is ruined in me, because it can no longer breathe, because it has no more space to be. Why are we so glad to let ourselves be persuaded that the danger of injury always comes from the other? Why do not we see that the injury we inflict through our isolation itself is far deeper than it can be through the betrayal of thee? Why do not we see that we alienate ourselves as human beings by trying and being close to ourselves? Why do not we see our delusion, who thinks it is the good and the good that we close up from others, and not the living being that grows only in the space of the responsiveness?


You are word by being yourself

You are word by letting yourself be You.

You are word by letting yourself be You to me.


And through the sterility of the long-winded, worn-out wordhull we find, through the sterility of the long-winded, worthless ones, the simplicity of the monosyllable, the simple words which are life, and from this origin the true Dia.logue.


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  1. robertomuffoletto sagt:

    this one seems to have a different tone…. calmer maybe…. insightful over responsive.


    Best Roberto

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    1. novels4utoo sagt:

      You see more …

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