Life is too short for boring stories

“It’s nice with you”, you say, as you find yourself in your surroundings more and more.

“And no more strange?” I ask.

“Still, it is still strange, still very odd,” you admit, “but it is no longer disturbing, as it were at the beginning, but rather more challenging than entering a house that you do not yet know is as different as other houses you have entered so far. First of all you have absolutely no point of orientation, nothing you can hold on to, but if you look closely, then you discover something. Perhaps a reminder of something you have already experienced, but what has been so long ago that you think it is not your own memory but that of a stranger. But slowly one finds oneself in itself, dare oneself in itself, also by externally something new discovered. “

“We always carry it within ourselves, even if we have not reached it for a long time, not in ourselves and not around us,” I try to explain, and I smoothly take your hand. But frightened you pull it back, withdraw me.


More and more we are moving away from each other. It is unreasonable, improper, and frowned upon, the touch. It can be quite soft, but it is perceived as a snub. So many freemasons, so many rules that were lifted to make us free, lavish and open, and we did nothing else but to turn the space around us into a high security road. Just do not get too close, always at a distance, and if so, it can only be done in the uniqueness, with erotic connotation, as if there is no more contact among friends who gently, without hinds, assure I am there for you , to comfort, if you are sad to show, I am glad for you. It is not this demonstration, not this sarcasm of the camerafraternization, not the demonstration of lascivious brutalization, but the soft, gentle, and emphatic pronunciation of the “I am there for you,” in a small, gentle gesture, So often far too close. The derailment into the All-may alienate us from our own will and from our own needs when there is no longer any gradation between nothingness. Only Either Or, without recognizing the nuances.


“I take your hand to show you, I am with you, I hear, I see you and want to touch you, touch and change, not only hand in hand, but my thoughts and my moment, the I am trying to explain, and slowly you give back your hand, letting you touch, touching, and it says so much, so much more than words could ever say, in this one small one gesture.

“I’d like to hug you,” you say softly, almost inaudibly.

“I want to embrace you and say thank you because you are there and because it is good to be with you,” I reply, and while we embrace ourselves, we get together, we take with us, even if the hug is resolved again.

“Dare, gently,” I said softly.

“And even if it only touches the surface, the message goes much deeper, and says We,” you notice, and a smile makes your face light up.


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