Life is too short for boring stories

The last night, the so-called night of New Year’s Eve, was one of the worst nights of my life. Actually a normal night. The only thing it does is that it is the last night of the year. But what does that mean? That the next day instead of another year is written. That’s all. The rest is pure superstition – to the enlightened modern man. When we wake up on this next day, the sun has risen, as on any other day. And we are the same people as we went to sleep on the last night, or just did not go to sleep. It does not alter our personalities, our worries or problems, our strengths and weaknesses. It will not change our lives. Of course, we can change something, but that does not matter if it is January 01 or April 12 or any other date on the calendar.

So while I was trying to soothe my dogs for the night, while many lovely people made sure that all creatures had their fun, not just loudness, but also a very high amount of pollution and dirt, while I was thinking about all the wildlife and the animals in the masses who also had a very special pleasure in the noise, starting at three o’clock in the afternoon and at three o’clock in the morning it was still not over, I thought about something else. About the meaning of this night and the coming day.

Actually a normal night and a normal day. And yet this night and the coming day are so overwhelming with expectations. Completely wrong in my opinion. If I want to celebrate with my friends, I can do that every night, every day of the year. If I want to change about in my life, then I can do that every day of the year and if I want to do something better, then I do not have to wait for New Year’s Eve.

If you want to do something, do it the same. Each day of the year is a gift, a unique gift that you never get back. If you just wipe it out because you’re waiting for some date, then it’s wasted forever. Do not say, later or then or then, but now. If you want to thank someone for giving it to you in your life, do it and do not wait for the “right” moment. If you want to be there for someone who is not doing well, do it right now, because he needs you now. And if you miss someone, say it. If you feel like hugging someone, do it.

Just do it. Do not wait for New Year’s Eve or Christmas to fall for Easter or otherwise nonsense to do something you always wanted to do, but do it now. Be grateful for what life gives you, and stop lamenting about what it is supposed to deny you. Every day, every moment gives you the chance to do what you can do. It is up to you to seize this moment and make it your special moment.

Just do it – and that is why I say thank you to all the wonderful people who enriched my life and whose encounters extended and presented me.


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