Life is too short for boring stories

It has been at one of these evenings, you don’t expect that something will happen.. As glamorous as it sounds, a ball, in the most prestigious destination of this city. Strictly it went to. Muted colors and give such talks dominated the scene. Even the laughter was subdued, if ever had been, artificial and plastic adhesive. For whom only she made with this masquerade. Her black, high-necked dress laced them. What she had expected to?

A facial bath hold, it said, meet people who might be for their professional advancement advantageous. The small talk made her tired. There she strained smile to talk about the things that were worth nothing, to hear stories of people who did not know them. Exhausted, she sat down at the bar. stretched your head as hard as she had her hair tied that even the smallest hairs dissolved. “A double espresso, please,” she told the waiter. Now, light a cigarette, she still thought, but that there was no longer so. Throughout this damn smoking, but she had to go no desire. “Can I take a picture?” Said a female voice beside her. First, they took note of it without turning around, because they saw no reason to think that it was addressed, but as she tapped a finger. It was inevitable. She turned around and saw in bold green eyes. Gentle brunette ringlets framing a bright, clear face. “Why?” She asked only. “Because you have such a majestetic expression to me, with the hair piled high, the long neck, the gentle roundness of your chin. A classic profile, “she says airily,” the way I’m Laura. “” Nona “, the person addressed replies confused,” Well, then take a picture of me, “says Nona, and only now she realizes that Laura a bright red wearing dress, with a deep neckline that reveals much. “Thank you,” Laura said after she took the photo and continues to Nona. Her smile is infectious. “Are you here on business?” Asked Nona to somehow bring a conversation going. “No, not really,” said Laura, “Although I am a photographer, but here I am again privately, just my camera, I have always. I never know what I get to see yes, “Laura replied with a wink,” It is indeed dead boring here. “” Yes, that’s it, “confirmed Nona. “But you know, you were beautiful when You opened your hair,” Laura said abruptly, and already felt Nona her hands on her neck, in her hair, which solves the clasps and the long hair releases. “You’re beautiful,” Laura said as she Nona now screened, as they would confirm itself. “Do you feel like to come to my studio with me. I want to see you, “Laura asked now. And Nona followed her, in her studio, an open, wide space. No, they do not know much about each other, really nothing, but when they entered this space, because knew Nona that she was seen here, seen as never before, that they here could be in Laura’s eyes, as she was. And while Laura grabbed the camera, moving Nona, showed how she had never shown opened, as it had never been opened, because it was seen as it has never been seen. It seemed to her that could Laura alone with her views Nona forth tickling soul and satisfy the images with an unknown brilliance. Nona abandoned herself to this view, in which they knew themselves canceled entirely, and as Laura put down the camera again, it was Nona, as if just a moment passed, while dreading the windows of the morning.
“I see you,” Laura said abruptly.
“I can feel it,” Nona said, “And it is to be seen invigorating.”


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