Life is too short for boring stories

I walk toward you. You walk up to me. Fluently. It is self-evident. It is the uniqueness. It is the Approaching, the confusion is and will. Fluently. A Top-to that is not limited in movement, not in deed, not the availability of the comprehensible, and yet it is nothing else. The self-evident as the only way of the moment, of the lived moment.

Activated in succession-to. Silence. to bear silence, yes more, to understand them as intended, not to interfere with the flow. Because it grew a certainty, clear and unambiguous, but not of the kind that it had knowledge of that, has, among lives, lined with facts, rational thought process completes, but a certainty of presents, in me and in you. certainty that there can be nothing more, here and now, as this Top-to which give to reflow, in silence, in the view and relax. And the silence that made his the river,floating around you, floating around me, floating around us, was not rejected by our conversation. In your view, with the rest of mindfulness, goes to an outside, to explicate the idea of catching up with him, to put into words, and then return to me to give it to me to be an invitation to you, at that thought, in that word.

I will go with you. You’re going with me. Fluently. It is the matter of course of cooperation. I do not answer questions, because there are none. It is as if in this matter of course everything Questionable faded and again sounded in the certainty of being out to be me. In a moment, the one is now or a continuation or even for ever. It also does not matter. Because it is at the moment, in each, where it should be, in any coming, which is called now. It is when you have a look takes me and brings to you if your contact surrounds me when you become one with me, at this moment, which is always the respective breathing the silence that leaves everything open, allows everything. The View Unobstructed cautious, curious, playful and mindful so that you open up the world to me, so I open you the world. There is no plan. It also does not need. It is the dialogue, which continues, constantly, as silence, as a language, as a contact. Life has no plan. Only a being. It has no instructions. Only the grant.

I you rich hand. You hand me your hand. It is the obviousness of wonder. Because life, with your hand in mine, widens, the world is different than. Before this certainty and the moment of life Next, satisfied, lively, and probably sensible. The horizon is more, with your view that opens me it to me, as I you. And if I go from you, then with the certainty of self-evident and your scent on my skin.


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