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14. Watch out!


“Now I would almost have been steamrolled!” Rebekka burst out in her impetuous way.


It was already dark when she entered the empty store. Apparently, she had had a hard day, for she looked tired and exhausted, even if that did not seem to be a sign of her liveliness. Perhaps life was the wrong word, and thus the wrong access to its proper condition. Restlessness was probably better. She seemed a little bit like someone, who was always on the move and really wanted to rest, but did not manage to do it. She remained trapped in the movement she had begun. Probably had begun with good reason. But the reason had disappeared. But the movement had remained. As if she had no choice. As if she had raised somebody and now the program was relentlessly unwound.

“You look bad,” Lilith said, looking closely at the chiefly girl who ran through the room like a panther in his cage.

“Thank you!” Rebekka replied irritably, “That was exactly what I needed now. You think you’re coming to a place where people like you, and the first thing you hear is that you look like shit! “

“I did not say that,” Lilith said decisively, “I said that you look bad, fatigued and tired. You have taken off and can not sit still. And just because you’re important to me, I have to tell you. “

“Sure, as if I did not know for myself,” Rebekka said. But she had meanwhile sat down, sipped her tea, and pushed three cookies in the mouth, which she devoured with unrestrained greed. After all.

“Can not it be that you were almost overrun because you were not watching?” Ruben interrupted.

“Can not it be that you drift too much?” Samuel interfered, who had already spent the whole afternoon with Lilith and Ruben. Because it was pleasant here to do the homework, to learn. No one disturbed him, and yet he was not alone.

“Yes, you’re all going on me now!” Rebekka reacted sharply. However, the ruggedness was somewhat lessened, because she had not managed to slash the last biscuit in time, and immediately resolved the reply.

“There’s no one going on, little,” Lilith tried to calm the girl.

“Little? Did you just say little to me? “Rebekka asked, now really harsh, because there was just no biscuit in her mouth that would have served as a shock absorber,” I’m not a little, I know exactly what I’m doing.”

“You’re sure you know that?” Samuel asked, and the smile he showed up brought Rebekka even more to the palm.

“As if you knew so well,” she barked at him, nonbraked.

“Eh no,” Samuel admitted, “But, unlike you, I do not claim that at all.”

“Coward!” Rebekka exclaimed abruptly.

“No, this has nothing to do with cowardice, but with what you can and should be and what you can and should be,” Ruben said quietly.

“It’s a good thing,” Lilith said, “Well, if you are active and have fun, if you put all your strength into it and bring yourself with all your youthful passion.”

“As if the passion were only limited to youth,” muttered Ruben, and there was a small hurt to hear from his words, but Lilith could not take care of an old man and his little insults, especially as she knew , that he could take care of himself very well.

“Yeah, well, that’s good!” Rebekka confirmed, who did not even seem to hear the objection, “and that’s why I’m doing the same.”

“It’s good to be able to do this if you have something worth doing,” Lilith said. “That’s all right. It is nice to have such a thing in your life and to make it easy. It is a source of joy and motivation. You go to sleep with the joy of the next day. You get up in the morning, burning on all that you can give on that day. To where you can bring yourself. “

“That’s exactly it,” Rebekka said frankly, “I’ve been looking for it for half an eternity, and now that I’ve finally found it, now I get told that I’m supposed to slow down. So that’s quite a vicious logic! “

“You are like a bubbling spring, full of action and commitment,” said Lilith, approvingly. “You draw from the whole, as if this spring would never fade as if water were bubbling out of it forever.”

“That will be the way it is,” Rebekka said, in the breast of conviction, “forever and ever!”

“And what is the source of this water that it can give water?”, Lilith threw in, which gave Rebekka’s overflow a small damper.

“How do you mean that?” Rebekka asked.

“If you draw from this source that comes out of you, then it may bubble in the beginning,” said Lilith, “but little by little will it be, for you have a certain reservoir in you, but also that will exhaust itself , If you never refill something and always only take it. And when it is exhausted, and you are still going on, your whole potential will soon be dismantled. You digest your substance. You can not always drink from a glass, you must also have something to drink. “

“That may be quite simple with a glass,” Rebekka replied. “But I’m not a glass.”

“It’s at least as easy,” Lilith said, “when you bring in your strength and commitment, then you must also make sure you are able to rest your strength, rest and be good to yourself.”

“Take care of and pay attention to yourself,” Samuel summarized.

“Mindfulness and appreciation to yourself and your needs, this is your gift to you,” added Ruben, “the best thing you can do.”


And that evening there was nothing else in the display, but a rocking chair was set next to the fireplace, losing itself in the water, as in the mother’s arm, to come to rest and to remember your own needs, mindfulness and appreciation.

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  1. robertomuffoletto sagt:

    Hi Daniela,

    Just finished reading the last two installments…. I am really pulled into it. Good writing. I was thinking as I read …. you should make this into a performance/play for the stage. All you need is the table and light… and maybe an empty shelf or two.


    Best Roberto

    Roberto Muffoletto MFA. Ph.D. Director VASA and VASA Europe Editor VJIC email: Skype: robertomuffoletto Phone USA: +1 828 398 0496 Vienna, Austria +43 (0) 676 794 1227

    1. novels4utoo sagt:

      Hi Roberto!
      I’m glad, that you’re pulled into it – and for the encouragement. It’s a great idea, and – as you said – really simple to put into effect, just four persons and less equipement.
      Best Daniela

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