Life is too short for boring stories

Advent calendars, are now an integral part of Advent, and not just for children. Whether it is a picture-book, filled with chocolate and bought or hand-made, they serve to shorten the waiting time for the Christmas Eve. Especially since small children can hardly wait until the big day, while the adults groan under the burden of the tension and the pretension pressure. There is no silence or contemplation in sight. If you sit in the middle of this preparatory stress, then you have no time and probably no patience to think about whether it would not be different whether you really want to spend this time of the year only from one business to another to spend a lot of money on things that nobody needs anyway.

So I sat one evening after Christmas Eve was over and everyone breathed a sigh of relief, because now I could return to normal life, and I wondered if there was any other way. But how should that look? I’m back with my brain spins. Or were they just a chimera? Maybe you should start at the point that causes the most stress. And this point I saw in the gifts buy. Is it really necessary to participate in this? Would not it be different? As any of us know, ancient traditions can hardly be changed. Especially when it all make. That is why I took advantage of the hour when all the stress was still remembered, and once asked carefully what my family thought of my idea not to give anything next year which was not self-made or otherwise unsuited. At first there was a questioning shoulder twitch. But when I explained it, everyone agreed.


Thus, a year passed, and in the last weeks before Christmas, one clearly noticed how the tension among the participants rose. Everyone was faced with the anxious question, whether everyone really agreed. Because if the other then secretly buys something, then you stand there, just with something self-made or a simple idea. There was already something like suspicion to feel, but that was to be through. And indeed, it succeeded. There was a great sigh of relief before the Christmas tree, and it became one of the most beautiful festivals I have ever remembered. Since then, this has been done with all self-assurance.


For all those who are now worried about the poor children, they were exempted from the regulation. However, it was also for them that they were allowed to give only what was self-made. I extended my part to the Advent calendar for the children so that they found a small story every day, adapted to the age of life. But why, I wondered, should I give it only to my children. This is how the first series of stories for advent arose in 2011, and since then there have been these in every year. For perhaps it takes a few minutes to take time, to find peace and to admit. A few minutes as a gift to yourself, to refuel from the rest new strength.


I hope you enjoy reading!

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